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Android Authority Podcast

Oct 19, 2015

With Joshua Vergara and Joe Hindy sitting this one out, Jonathan Feist leads while Andrew Grush and Nirave Gondhia spend a good amount of time figuring out if OnePlus has a good marketing strategy with the Two, or if they are just a little bonkers. Android Marshmallow continues to roll out, with LG announcing they'll be the first non-Nexus devices to get the update. With all of these new and exciting devices on the market, last generation devices are starting to see some amazing price tags, listen on to find out if we think the Nexus 6 is still a good buy. (My apologies this time folks, the audio quality on this was sub-par, we've since publicly shamed the one that caused the issues and have repaired the problem for next time.) Enjoy AA Podcast #034.

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