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Android Authority Podcast

Feb 9, 2016

Host Joshua Vergara returns as host this week and is joined by Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, and Nirave Gondhia to focus upon a few of the best topics from the week's news. On the docket this week, we have Microsoft buying (and potentially dooming) Swiftkey), the USB Type-C debacle, and a wistful discussion about users' needs versus actual smartphone progress. It's another fun-filled podcast episode, so hit that play button!

ALSO, next week marks our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode! 52 whole weeks of the AA Podcast have been done for your listening pleasure and in celebration of this milestone, the guys are going to field YOUR QUESTIONS in a Mailbag episode! Make sure you visit and our social media pages to find where you can put your own questions in, potentially to be answered on the podcast!

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