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Android Authority Podcast

Mar 29, 2016

Getting back to our normal routine, for one week, Joshua Vergara hosts as Joe Hindy and Jonathan Feist record on a Saturday. We concede that some of the biggest news from the week is the announcement of the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7, both of which we don't think will disrupt the market at all, but we're looking forward to the iPad coverage over on TabTimes. 

Talking about Pokemon Go leads to a quick discussion on AR vs VR technology - some of us think AR is the way of the future, others think VR will win out, but we all agree, there is room to grow. Finally, Joe has to go clean his back yard... No, that's not it, we talked about display technology, we think we like the fact that AMOLED panels can now be produced at a lower cost than LCD, but that is dependent on the resolution.

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