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Android Authority Podcast

Jun 15, 2016

With a large group of our team meeting up in Los Angeles for a few days, Josh Vergara, Andrew Grush and Jonathan Feist stole a few minutes away to record a few words for you. We have so much exciting news for you and a great week of videogame content headed your way, so a few minutes is all we stole away. Join us for a quick word on what we're up to (hint: VR Source,) looking forward to sharing all of our E3 experiences with you as well, so be sure to check in next time.

We also want to say a quick word of condolences to all that have been lost to violence in the last short amount of time. Josh, in particular, shares his feelings on the senseless act that ended the life of the young YouTube artist, Christina Grimmie. For her and all lost in Orlando this past week, our thoughts are with you.

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