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Android Authority Podcast

Feb 28, 2016

It took way too long to get this episode out, but the spotty WiFi connections across Barcelona and the 5+ GB size of the original YouTube edition kept Josh from getting this special podcast out to you earlier. So sorry, but not too much because this episode is still EPIC.

Coming to you live from 'the other side of the pond,' Joshua Vergara is joined by a great group of special guests to bring you this MWC 2016 special episode. Nicole Scott (@nicole_scooter), Jaime Rivera (@jaime_rivera), Michael Fischer (@Captain2Phones) and Myriom Joire (@tnkgrl) all recount their first days of the show in Barcelona, Spain. Talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 lead to a spirited discussion on the Launcher situation on Android. Check in to see how these five feel about the idea of removing the app drawer and so much more on this 90 minute special episode. 

Our regular hosts will have plenty to say about MWC next week, but for now, enjoy the party atmosphere from the show, and be sure to watch the YouTube version for even more fun. Don't forget to check out the written companion at

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