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Android Authority Podcast

Mar 6, 2017

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Joshua Vergara is in Barcelona, Spain. Admittedly, a good group from Android Authority is in Barcelona for MWC 2017, the biggest mobile show of the year. In this special episode of the Android Authority podcast, Josh hangs out independently with Nicole Scott (@nicole_scooter) of Mobile Geeks, she thinks the LG G6 is the winner of the show!

Next up, Juan Carlos Bagnell (@SomeGadgetGuy) of Pocketnow, with his infectious personality, laughs along with Josh. Tablets and laptops join the conversation, as does the Samsung S Pen and wearables. The talk mostly stays on a high level, talking about how people see the various devices and what it's like to attend these fun tech shows. Not to mention that LG G6 screen corner situation.

Last up, as both missed their flights, Michael Fischer (@theMrMobile) of, well, he's Mr. Mobile and Josh hang out for an hour to talk MWC. Fashion starts the chat, with vests and suits. What you really want to hear about, best of the show, behind the scenes at how the guys work and actual tech talk. Wearable tech rears its head, watches are big with these two, as is photography. Last, what are your shortcuts on the Blackberry KEYone keyboard.

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Rough Timecodes:
02:00 - Nicole Scott
12:00 - Juan Carlos Bagnell
37:00 - Michael Fisher