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Android Authority Podcast

Jan 19, 2019

Down in Las Vegas, Gary Sims took the Snapdragon 855 processor for a spin at CES and the results are impressive. Motorola is hoping you’ll flip for its new flip phone. We get an early look at a potential new midrange form from Google mere months before it’s announced. Google might be granting a long-requested wish...

Jan 16, 2019

For our last CES 2019 episode, we take 5 minutes to talk to some of the faces of CES that make this space so great to work in. Hear from Myriam Joire, Juan Carlos Bagnell, Trisha Hershberger, Jules Wang, Jaime Rivera, Jon Rettinger, C. Scott Brown, and Jonathan Feist. Oh, and there’s one more person you won’t want...

Jan 12, 2019

Wrapping up a long week of technology and innovation can be hard to do in one podcast, so Adam and Jonathan are joined by Michael Fisher, a.k.a. @TheMrMobile. We broadcasted from the Blue Podcast Studio suite at Treasure Island with some sweet Blue gear and we discussed the week of tech that was.

Recorded January 10,...

Jan 8, 2019

Samsung’s press conference brought us a number of goodies at its press conference yesterday. Adam sat down with Daniel Bader, Managing Editor of Android Central to talk about everything we saw in this special CES edition of the Android Authority podcast.

Samsung smart TVs get iTunes movies and TV shows, Airplay 2...

Jan 4, 2019

Guest host C. Scott Brown and Adam discuss CES 2019 - first experiences, and what we’ll see...probably.

We also caught some OEMs trying to cheat on Benchmark scores and we call them out!

Plus, Apple had a really bad day and we wonder what it means for the rest of the industry.

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