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Android Authority Podcast

May 18, 2019

Despite comparisons to its old siblings, the Nexus phones, reviewed Dhruv Bhutani thinks this Pixel 3a XL is cut from a different cloth.  The software is incredible, as is the camera. In North America, the price is unbeatable. Beyond that part of the world, the phone carries a much less attractive price tag. But there’s still a lot to love for this phone, and we’re breaking it all down for you.

Recorded May 16, 2019


Google Pixel 3a XL review: Come for the camera, stay for the experience

Where to buy the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

The Android Authority podcast is:

Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology

Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRushcom

Joe Hindy - @ThatJoeHindy

Special Guest appearance by:

Dhruv Bhutani - @DhruvBhutani

Produced by Adam Doud

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