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Android Authority Podcast

May 23, 2017

Joshua Vergara is in San Francisco for Google I/O 2017. Taking a couple days to let it all sink in, Kris Carlon, Nirave Gondhia, David Imel and Edgar Cervantes join together to chat about the event. Google I/O provided plenty of value to developers, introducing many great new tools that we'll see in products moving forward. Android O was a minor topic directly, but will be the version of the OS that gets all the best in the coming months. Google Photos got a few clever and intuitive (hopefully) additions and Google Assistant got a significant rollout... to iOS.

It is a very busy time around the Android Authority network, be sure to check in with, and for some of the latest from our team.

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It's all Google I/O, you'll just have to listen and enjoy.


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