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Android Authority Podcast

Mar 22, 2016

The Android Authority team goes outside of their general zone and visits SXSW, the film/music/tech festival held in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas! After a few days of getting to know the show itself, Joshua Vergara was joined by co-founder Darcy Lacouvee and Managing Editor Nirave Gondhia to attend a number of panels teaching the in and outs of virtual reality and 360 video. The gist of the panels focused on storytelling, the application of VR for more than just the entertainment business, and the future of the next big thing in content creation.

In this podcast, however, the three were joined by a native Texan now hailing from Louisiana, writer John Dye. Many of you fans of Android Authority have probably read John's writing on the website and enjoyed his way with words.

So, without any further ado, listen (and watch on YouTube) the guys gush about VR cameras and videos!

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