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Android Authority Podcast

Dec 1, 2018

Our Readers Choice Award is in and it should come as no surprise.

We also look at the best innovation of 2018, as voted on by the Android Authority staff.

Our official review of the Google Pixel Slate is in, so we look at the best Chrome tablet you can buy, with help from Lanh Nguyen.

Google Fi is official and comes with support for more phones

25 years ago, AT&T made some predictions, and holy cow were they accurate.

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Recorded November 29, 2018 7:30pm CST

Time codes:

1:40 - Best of Android Reader’s Choice voting: Samsung Note 9

11:40 - Best of Android - Best innovations

23:20 - Google Pixel Slate review: Overpriced convenience

35:50 - Project Fi is now Google Fi, adds support for iPhones and many more Android phones

39:35 - PSA: Phones that aren’t built for Google Fi will have these limitations

43:50 - AT&T accurately predicted the future in 1993, but can it do it again?

The Android Authority podcast is:

Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology

Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRush

Joe Hindy - @ThatJoeHindy

Special appearance by
Lanh Nguyen - @LanhNguyenFilms

Produced by Adam Doud