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Android Authority Podcast

Jan 15, 2015

Live from our AirBnB'd house just a few blocks away from the craziness of the Las Vegas Strip, Android Authority brings you the pilot episode of its brand new podcast, The Friday Debate. Join host Joshua Vergara, guest YouTubers Lanh Nguyen and Kevin Nether, and lead editor Andrew Grush as we talk about our favorite items from the Consumer Electronics Show of 2015. 

We jump across the show floor memories with mentions going out to the LG G Flex 2, Sony's Android Bravia TVs, and the Panasonic CM1!

(Please note that while this special pilot episode was recorded live, this will only be done when applicable to live events. Most of the Friday Debate episodes will be recorded via online conference calls.)

Those who read Android Authority online are likely familiar with the Friday Debate - a weekly feature that pits our writers and/or YouTubers against a specific topic. While you can read our opinions on the website in block form, you can also now listen to them in podcast form with The Friday Debate Podcast! Join host Joshua Vergara and a panel of guests as they beat the proverbial dead horse on a specific topic in the world of Android! Coming to you every single week.

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