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Android Authority Podcast

Oct 31, 2016

Jonathan Feist returns from Japan, Joe Hindy and David Imel have questions and our regular Android Authority Podcast tech talk ensues for another episode. Joe is a little upset about fake Amazon reviews, Jonathan drones on for half an hour about Japan, (which was awesome, by the way), David is unhappy with Google's versioning strategy, but happy for a Messenger update, Kris Carlon said the Apple A10 chip is pretty powerful, we talk it through and Xiaomi has a couple new phones, the Mi Note 2 and the Mi MIX, which Josh was in China to put his hands on.

Finally, we take to Twitter and the Android Authority Forums to take your questions and comments, leading us to ponder if Google is positioning itself to purchase HTC. Think about it.

The Android Authority Podcast - discussing topics in Android every single week.

Rough Timecodes:
Amazon review gripes and Jonathan's Japan trip during check in
46:00 - Google Messenger update
56:00 - Apple A10 chipset
66:00 - Xiaomi Mi Note 2
84:00 - Your questions from the Forums and Twitter