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Android Authority Podcast

Mar 27, 2017

Joshua Vergara returns from vacation, Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, David Imel and Adam Molina join him for Android Authority Podcast #102. Only one piece of news should have been on the show this week, Android O. And maybe Super Mario Run. Josh's Huawei Watch 2 review made it in, as did a discussion on device colors and 'exclusive' products.

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The Android Authority Podcast - discussing topics in Android every week.

Rough Timecodes:
Check-in includes talk about electric skateboards, V-Moda reviews and the weather.
28:00 -
33:00 - Android O
46:00 - Android O audio
64:00 - OnePlus released new colors, was the hype justified?
80:00 - Huawei Watch 2
87:00 - Super Mario Run

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