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Android Authority Podcast

Feb 20, 2017

Joshua Vergara and David Imel spent a few days in San Diego with Qualcomm, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist and Adam Molina hung out at home, recording two separate mini-shows combine into this, a Qualcomm special episode of the Android Authority Podcast. Join the team as they recount their non-embargoed experience with Qualcomm and weather problems in southern California. Back at home, the news included Verizon's unlimited data plan, wow, as well as celebrating N.O.V.A. Legacy is on its way and Joe wants to help you use Google Maps a little more effectively.

Stay tuned for a brand new show format coming soon, we want to get you, our faithful listeners, readers and viewers more involved in the show, and we think we have a solution.

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Rough Timecodes:
Check in with Josh and David with VR gaming talk and bad weather.
14:00 - Joe, Jonathan and Adam take over
18:00 - N.O.V.A. Legacy is coming soon
34:00 - Joe's hookup apps and useless apps
44:00 - Verizon goes unlimited, is it worth it?
62:00 - Back to Qualcomm with Josh and David
72:00 - Qualcomm working on Drone tech

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