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Android Authority Podcast

Mar 22, 2019

Adam, Joe and Jonathan get into a long discussion about Google’s cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia. There’s a ton to digest there, and they dig deep into the details. Plus, we look back at WearOS and wonder why a five-year old platform still has so many bugs. And ZTE is gunning for the craziest phone design of the year with two solid entries!

Recorded March 21, 2019

Time codes

3:25 - Google Stadia takes on the gaming industry – everything you need to know

Google Stadia controller pays homage to gaming lore with its Konami Code Easter egg

Questions I’d like answered before I hype Google Stadia

36:10 - Five years of Wear OS and it’s still too messy to recommend

52:30 - ZTE Axon S, Axon V offer the weirdest solutions to the notch yet

The Android Authority podcast is:

Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology

Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRushcom

Joe Hindy - @ThatJoeHindy

Produced by Adam Doud